Community Guidelines

Last updated: July 22, 2022


Flymachine is a platform for social livestream experiences. Think of us as a virtual venue for live entertainment with a real difference: you also get the immersion and community similar to being there in person. No static screens here!

Create a one-of-a-kind, choose-your-own-adventure experience with your fellow audience members. Move around the venue and go exploring. Vault into the front row. Hang after the show. Connect face-to-face with performers you love, your friends, and other superfans from around the world—in real-time, from anywhere.


Simply by being here, you’re building the digital future of live events with us. That’s big. Flymachine is for:

Real-time connecting. With friends, like-minded people, and performers you love.
Catching good vibes. They're contagious AF. Ride the wave.
Bringing your whole self. You belong here. Full stop.
Feeling safe. Let your guard down and let your freak flag fly. You know you wanna.
Celebrating art. Experience it. Sing along. Dance along. Feel. All. The. Feels.
Having fun. 'cause why else are you here?


So everyone can have a good time, we want to make it crystal-effin'-clear what we don't stand for:

  1. You've gotta be at least 18 to join an event. Sorry kids!
  2. No bots. You must be a living, breathing person. Got a pulse? Get in here.
  3. Thinking about bullying, abuse, harassment, or hate speech of any kind against a person or group? Don't do it here (or, y'know, anywhere else).
  4. Making threats or inciting violence that could result in someone getting hurt? Nope. Hard pass.
  5. Trying to interfere with the show or compromise our system? Peace out.
  6. Do something illegal? (Do we really have to spell this one out? Ok, yes. Legally we do. Y'gone.)
  7. No disguising your location to get around geographic restrictions. Seriously, we see you.
  8. Copying, recording, or sharing intellectual property? That's called pirating, and we don't tolerate it.
  9. No recording or sharing conversations or calls without permission. In other words, please don’t be a creep.
  10. Keep your clothes on. No one needs to see that.

We take these Community Guidelines seriously, and violating them has real consequences. If you can’t play nice with others, odds are you’ll find yourself in time out. But depending on the severity of the violation, the door might hit you on your way out. Our Terms of Service would be a fantastic place to learn the finer details.


Scenario time: Say your pal’s out-of-tune singing is making your ears bleed or you don’t want to interact with someone who hasn’t exactly broken a rule. We’ve given you four super-subtle ways to manage intrusive types:

  1. Muting: Hover over a user’s bubble and click the microphone icon so you won’t hear them. They’ll never know!
  2. Crossfading: Move your crossfader all the way to the left to drown out voices.
  3. Blocking: Click a user's bubble and click “Block.” Poof. It's like neither of you exist!
  4. Seeing yourself out: Branch off in another room, watch from the lobby, or end your Meet & Greet early.


You know the drill: If you see something, say something. Please tip us off to any bad behavior that violates our rules so we can investigate. On the flip side, filing an intentionally false report will earn you a one way ticket outta here.

To report someone at an event: Click on a user and select “Report.” We’ll keep your identity under wraps.


We find that difference between right and wrong is generally pretty clear, so we reserve the right to use our discretion to determine what equals a violation and the severity of the consequence. That said, we're also human. If we ever fail to enforce our Community Guidelines, it doesn't mean we've waived our rights under our Terms of Service.


We're here for you. We want your Flymachine experience to be as intimate as you want it to be: just for you, or with old friends and new. The choices are yours!

— The Flymachine team